We perform the following auditing services:

Statutory company audits of private companies registered in South Africa
Audit of Attorneys' trust accounts
Forensic audits - specialism attorneys' trust accounts
Due diligence investigations and special investigations

Which companies need to be audited in terms of the new Companies Act ?

The Regulations state that the following companies must be audited: All public and state-owned companies; Any profit or non-profit company if they holds any assets in a fiduciary capacity in the ordinary course of business for any financial year exceeding R5 million; Any non-profit company incorporated by an organ of the state, a state-owned company, international entity, foreign entity; Any non-profit company performing a statutory or regulatory function; Any other company with a public interest score in that financial year which is 350 or between 100 and 350, if the financial statements were internally compiled (The calculation of the public interest score is explained in Regulation 26(2) of the Companies Regulations).

Source : SAICA