We provide the following secretarial services:

New companies registrations

Company secretarial work (all work including forms relating to shares and directors as well as minutes of Annual General Meeting and Directors)

Annual returns for Close Corporations and Companies

Updating company registers

When the new Companies Act is implemented new CC's will not be registered but existing CC's will be allowed to exist :

According to Schedule 3, section 2 of the Companies Act the Close Corporation Act is amended as follows: At any time before section 13 of the Companies Act come into operation, any on or more persons, not exceeding ten, who qualify for membership of a close corporation in terms of the Act, may form a close corporation and secure its incorporation by complying with the requirements of this Act in respect of the registration of its founding statement referred to in section 12.'' Close corporation can be registered until the new Companies Bill is enacted. Thereafter ,therefor now, no new close corporations will be registered. For the time being current close corporations will continue to exist in their present state. Current CCs can choose to either convert to a company or continue to exist until deregistration or dissolution in terms of the Close Corporations Act. No automatic conversion or dissolution is provided for as was the case in earlier versions of the Companies Bill. CCs that continue to exist will have to compile financial statements as is currently the case, but will be subject audit on the same terms and conditions as the Minister regulates in the case of companies

Source : SAICA

Online Registration forms:





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